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Our Commitment

At Northwest Criterion, our clients’ interests come first. As a registered investment adviser, Northwest Criterion is held to the fiduciary standard - our duty is to act in our clients' best interests. This is a higher standard than suitability, which applies to brokerage firms. We are compensated only by the clients based upon the level of assets under management, and our own money is invested alongside the clients’ in our selected strategies. Our interests are clearly aligned with those of the client base. When clients call Northwest Criterion, our principals will answer the phone and address any questions or concerns they may have.

As experienced professional traders, we have been managing risk for years. Our depth of knowledge and long years of experience give us the perspective and patience required to deal effectively with volatile, fast-paced markets and changing conditions. We work closely with you to manage your investment portfolio. We are value-oriented in our analysis and long-term in our investment horizon, and we endeavor to achieve the highest possible return consistent with the level of risk you are comfortable taking. While we can’t predict the future, we strongly believe we have a sound procedure for assessing risk, evaluating expected return, and constructing an effective portfolio.