Equity Select Portfolio

A value-oriented portfolio concentrated in a relatively small number (usually 12-15) of individual equities.  The portfolio seeks to invest in companies that provide an attractive stream of earnings at a reasonable price.  We value companies based on our proprietary projections of future earnings.  In addition we consider the balance sheet (debt levels, in particular), the business model, and other factors.  We have been employing this strategy in client accounts since our inception in 2004.

Mutual Fund Mix Portfolio

A portfolio containing four to six mutual funds.  The funds are chosen based upon their individual risk/return profiles, and how well they work together in the portfolio.  When considering a fund we also look at the length of tenure of the fund manager, the investment team, how well we can understand the strategy, and our expectations for various sectors of the economy.  We have been employing this strategy in client accounts since our inception in 2004.

Dividend Portfolio

A concentrated portfolio of dividend-paying securities (usually 14-19 holdings).  This portfolio was constructed in early 2010 to provide an alternative to fixed income securities.  The investments are selected based upon a company’s history of steady and/or growing dividends, a reasonable P/E ratio, its business model, and other factors.  The other factors, such as the earnings payout ratio and the cash flow coverage of the dividend payment, indicate how sustainable the steadiness and potential growth of the dividends are.


A customized portfolio of low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based upon a quantitative measure of the client's risk tolerance. Most portfolios include 12-14 holdings and can be customized to incorporate allocations to our other portfolio strategies.  Investments are selected based upon their expected return and risk contribution to the overall portfolio as well as the expenses charged by the ETF provider.

Conservative Portfolios

A small number of very conservative, customized portfolios have been constructed at the request of the particular client.  These are generally substitutes for low-yielding money market funds and very short duration fixed income instruments.